A little bit about ourselves

Swim Jewelry Software was created by Raeleen Kaesehagen, owner of Octahedron Pty Ltd. and is now owned by TJS.

Swim is made for independent retail jewelers who sell, custom make and repair jewelry. Swim is used by jewelry stores all over the world, and most notably in Australia, USA, Canada and New Zealand.

How Swim came to be

Growing up in the family jewelry business, Raeleen saw the demands that running a jewelry store placed on her parents. So, in 1997, to help them manage their store, Raeleen wrote a software program, and called it 'Swim' (Savings with Improved Management). The program was created to save her parents time, money, paperwork and effort in business operations.

The improvements to the family business since starting Swim were quite exceptional, and as other jewelers heard about the software and the difference it was making, they too wanted to be able to use it.

In 2000, Swim became available to all jewelry stores.

Since making its debut in 2000, Swim has remained focused on being an easy to use solution that incorporates the latest innovations and increases productivity, efficiency and profits for the jewelry store.

Today, Swim is used by leading high end and independent jewelry stores, multi-stores and chains.