Making sales this Christmas in your retail jewelry store, without trying to 'sell' to your customers


It's Christmas time and we all know that the public will be bombarded with 'buy this' messages. There's discounts, offers, new products... anything that will make people spend money.

As a jewelry store, you need a piece of this pie. So how do you get through?

Selling Without Selling

One option is to sell without actually selling. You can do this through information, and addressing four things for the customer: solving their headaches and obstacles or addressing their aspirations and desires.

So let's think of a few examples of what your customers headaches, obstacles, aspirations and desires could be at Christmas?

Headaches: dislike shopping at Christmas, don't know what to buy, feel overwhelmed, shops are busy, difficult finding a car park

Obstacles: don't have the time, leave to last minute, money is a concern

Aspirations: find the perfect gift

Desires: Having that amazing, happy feeling that you get when you give a gift that someone just loves

What other examples can you think of? What are YOUR clients headaches, obstacles, aspirations and desires. Feel free to share your ideas with others in the comments section below.

Addressing Clients Needs

Addressing these four areas in a format that does not feel like selling is a great way to build the trust of your customers. What does your store offer your clients that addresses these needs?

Wish List
Do you have a wishlist program? If so you can tell your customers spouse 'Hi, we realise how hard it is to pick the perfect gift. Your wife during the year picked these items on her wish list. We do have items x,y,z in stock in her size and can gift wrap and deliver it for you without any branding on the mail packaging so it is a great surprise'.

Vouchers as an Experience
Does your store offer gift vouchers? Rather than just say 'we offer gift vouchers', address their headaches and desires. Approach the voucher like a day spa or massage service would and talk about the experience and how the loved one will feel. You can add to the experience by selling the voucher with a one-on-one private session with your jeweller, cad designer or if you don't have these services, your head salesperson for a personal shopper experience. Also mention you can provide a gift wrapped or boxed voucher that you can also delivery by post to the customer if they cannot come to the store.

Using Celebrity
Another option is a shop like a celebrity offer where they you treat the client as you would a celebrity. Detail the experience in depth such as champagne on arrival, private viewing room etc. Make it all about the experience and how wonderful it will feel to give such a special, once off, memorable gift. This you can package as a premium and offer with a voucher over a certain value.

If your store custom makes, highlight this service, in particular the ability to remodel existing jewelry. Remodelling is a great way to address your customers headaches, obstacles, desires and aspirations. The customer can feel great, knowing they are creating a one off piece, using material they already own (helping the hip pocket and the environment) and creating something that is special to them. This service works well for your store, as it generates great word of mouth and can lead to add-on sales and up-selling. (I'll be detailing a blog on just this topic in the coming days, so watch this space.)

Your Message
How you deliver the message is also important. Your customers are busy. One message will be easily overlooked, too many messages will just be annoying.

A simple way to get their attention is by creating a plan where you deliver your message, over different means, at different times leading up to Christmas.

An example plan could look something like

  • 8 weeks before Christmas send a direct mail letter. Direct mail letters when personal are extremely effective. Particularly if you are highlighting the wishlist, as you can incorporate pictures and details of the items.
  • 7 weeks before Christmas repeat the message on your social media platforms
  • 6 weeks before Christmas send an email to your customers. Making the message personal is the key here, just like the direct mail letter. Software allows you to automate this process, while making your emails and letters look personal.
  • 5 weeks before Christmas send an SMS
  • 4 weeks before send a newsletter email
  • 2 weeks before send an SMS
  • 1 week before send an email

In all your correspondence you can use the same message and be sure to include your opening times, cut-off dates for Internet orders (if applicable), gift wrapping services and refund policy.

Last Minute Shoppers

As a final message to those clients who are in the last minute basket, sent an sms and email three days before Christmas with a simple message saying you gift wrap and offer refunds and state your opening hours. Include any message that will help that last minute shopper to know they can simply walk in, buy, have the item wrapped, a card included and be on their way in an instant. If parking is an issue in your area, how could you offer VIP parking to VIP members? Could you offer a delivery service for high priced gifts?


Remember, you can sell without selling. Be a guide for your customers and help them to solve their problems. Think outside the box of just products and look at what else you could offer at Christmas to help your customers to find, purchase and pick up that perfect gift.

And one final tip, be sure to collect customer data over the holiday trading, to make next years Christmas trading even better than this year.

About the Author Raeleen Kaesehagen is the founder and CEO of Swim jewelry software, the leading web based retail management point of sale system for retail and manufacturing diamond jewelry stores worldwide.