Sales of $7000 in just three hours from one simple text message - How did they do it?


It's the 18th of December and I received a call from a client "What did you put in that text message?" he asked. A little worried that something had happened I checked to make sure the message was as specified.

"For that perfect last minute Xmas gift, [client's name] are offering 20-60% off all jewellery! Instore or phone [clients number] "

"Is that correct?" I ask.

"Yes" he replied. "What time did it go out?"

"About three hours ago" I said.

"We'll, we've been in-undated by phone calls and made $7000 of sales already!" he replied.

He went on to say how that their store had organised a big VIP sales night the week before that involved a radio campaign, flyers, social media and a lot of staff time. The event was a flop, and generated only $5000 in sales. Within three hours of one simple text message being sent to just a small number of their client base, they had achieved more than the VIP sales night. Not to mention the fact that this campaign took no staff time and a fraction of the cost to run.

Why didn't we do this before? He asked.

I couldn't answer that. What I could predict is that he would do it again. And sure enough his next question was "Can we run another for our entire client base now. And can we also run a campaign in the second week of January, to get customers instore after Christmas?".

"Sure", I said.

And with a smile I hung up the phone, thinking to myself 'That's the fourth call this week from a client trying SMS for the first time, and astounded by the results.'

It's so wonderful to see our clients doing well. And so many times jewellers using Swim just can't believe the result they are achieving with a simple text message campaign. For such a small marketing investment it seems only common sense to incorporate text messaging as part of the marketing mix for any jewellery store.

As far back as four years ago we started reporting on clients receiving a 34% increase in sales after running an SMS campaign that simply read:

"Happy new year 3 FREE ring cleans till end January with thanks [clients name]".

The text message campaigns are driving traffic back into the store and ensuring the store is top of mind for their clients. With smart phones usage as high as it is, it only makes sense to connect with shoppers in this way.

Stores are also using text messaging for improving the customer experience within the store. Swim stores are text messaging a copy of the receipt, so the customer can have it on hand at any time. They are also text messaging to let the customer know that their job is ready to be collected and sending congratulation messages on their birthday and anniversary.

These ways of connecting with the customer build the relationship with the customer and make their experience special - just what all customers want, when purchasing jewellery.