Try Something New in 2016 - Jewelry Store Marketing


With the silly season behind us now is the perfect opportunity to try something new to reach out to those new customers. The busiest time of the year for most jewellery stores is now over and with that is an expected drop in sales, but how is your jewellery store going to stay on top of the rest?

Facebook and Twitter are an almost guarantee to get your stores name out to the world, if you haven’t already signed up your store for a Facebook or Twitter account I would strongly recommend getting on it as sending out a single tweet or Facebook post can reach countless potential customers every day.


Utilising Facebook and Twitter ensures you will reach your target audience, after all they wouldn’t be liking your Facebook page if they didn’t have an interest in jewellery, right? Social media is a great way to bring in new potential shoppers with it but only if you ensure what you post is relevant content. Post and talk about your plans for the store, or special events and pricing that are going on for those post-Christmas shoppers. Ask questions, find out what your customers want and make sure that you start a conversation with your target audience, your customers know what they want in a store and all you have to do is be prepared to listen.

Gone are the days of solely relying on flyers and newspaper advertisements, free and personally targets tweets or Facebook posts can ensure that your store is noticed and remembered.

Now there will be many jewellers out there that have been around for many years and have worked hard to build up a strong customer base, so how do you ensure that your customer base keeps on returning? Grab their attention with a personal approach, give your valued customers the VIP treatment.


SMS messaging campaigns can allow you to target specific customers based on their spending habits or expected needs, it gives you control of who you send those special advertisements to and guarantees your customer will know about it. After you work out who you want to send the SMS message to you need to decide what you are going to say, after all SMS messages are brief but you want it to still be effective. Look at who you are sending the message to if your customers habits are necklaces don’t send them a message about engagement rings. You know your customers so take the time to plan and get your SMS campaign right! Whether you use your SMS campaign to message your whole customer base or just the lucky VIP customers it is sure to plant the thought of your store back into your customers head.

Make 2016 your year change your store perceptions on making a sale, utilise media messaging and make it known that you’re the jewellery store that your customers should be shopping at. Give them no reason to doubt that your store is going to provide them with a fresh and vibrant shopping experience from start to finish.